Japanese Wagyu Brand日本の和牛ブランド

Introduction of Specially Selected Japanese Wagyu Beef Brands


IWATE Sanriku kinka Wagyu岩手・三陸金華和牛

"Sanriku coast" is a Rias coast along the Pacific coast of Tohoku where Sanriku Kinka Wagyu beef is raised. The seasonal wind "Yamase" that blows from offshore and the climate peculiar to this land contribute to the rich fat taste moderately contained in lean meat, that brings out a smooth and soft texture.


Special Wagyu / にくいち特選和牛


TOKUSHIMA Awagyu徳島・阿波牛

The tender, fine and moderate texture is perfect for any meat dishes. Finest quality with beautiful marbling, and it melts in your mouth. Steak and shabu-shabu (beef slice for steamboat) are recommended serving methods for tasting the meat.

やわらかく、きめ細かく、適度にしまった肉質はどんな肉料理にも最適。鮮やかな赤身に乳白色の脂肪が霜降り状に入り、口の中に入れたときの食感はとろける上質の肉です。 そのような肉質からも、肉の持つ味を味わう点についてはステーキやしゃぶしゃぶが適していると言われています。

Special Wagyu / にくいち特選和牛


SAGA Imarigyu佐賀・伊万里牛

Imari beef is a kind of Japanese black beef raised in Imari City, Saga Prefecture. Raised in a natural environment surrounded by green mountains, clear water and fresh air, the meat is fine and tender, the color is bright; also the fat quality is excellent with a hint of sweetness.


Special Wagyu / にくいち特選和牛



Among the Kumamoto Japanese black beef, "Waou" is the highest grade Wagyu beef that is highly evaluated for its soft marbled meat and rich flavor. The melt-in-your mouth texture and the rich taste make it suitable for steak, shabu-shabu and various dishes.


Special Wagyu / にくいち特選和牛


MIYAZAKI Miyazakigyu宮崎・宮崎牛

The characteristics of Miyazaki beef are its fine texture and good marbling. Especially the lean meat, it contains fine and beautiful marbling, and is rich in oleic acid and has a pleasant taste. The lean meat is moderately firm, with a soft and smooth texture, and the deliciousness spreads across your tongue.


Special Wagyu / にくいち特選和牛


KAGOSHIMA Satsuma Beef鹿児島・さつまビーフ

The most important point in creating high-quality lean meat is the protein source contained in the diet. The diet of Satsuma wagyu cattle contains expensive grain "roasted soybeans" to produce delicious lean meat with refreshing and slightly sweet fat taste, soft and moist texture.


Special Wagyu / にくいち特選和牛