About delivery 配送について

About order and delivery

All our products are on pre-order basis.

Please click the button below for the delivery date of your order that is currently being accepted.

Now Delivery dates


※ Please kindly read the details on "HOME" page before shopping

※ Pre-order period starts from every Saturday until next Friday.
Delivery dates will be Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat of the week after next. (4 dates except PH)

For example,
Pre-order period 11 Jul (Sat)~17 Jul (Fri) pm 23:59
Delivery dates:22 Jul(Wed)~25 Jul(sat)

※ Scheduled delivery is unavailable, only PM delivery slots. We will arrange delivery according to the order sequence. (First come first serve basis)

※ Please notify us in the "Special instruction" box in CART before check-out, if you have any inconvenient dates and we will try our best to arrange.

※ We will inform customers the delivery date via email 1 day after the end of pre-order.

※ If you would like vacuum packaging, please note down at "Special Instructions" section at "CART" page before check out.

※ We are sorry but any changes in weight, portions or size of package will not be accepted.

About delivery fee

We offer free shipping on orders of SG$ 100 and over.
The delivery fee will be SG SG$10 evenly for products with a price less than SG$ 100.

About order and delivery



Now Delivery dates


※ 配送日のご指定はできません。
※ 午後のみの配送になります。
※ 配送日の指定をご希望の方は備考欄に配送希望日を記載ください。(配送日確定を受付終了翌日、土曜日にお知らせします。ご希望に添えない場合がある事をご了承ください。)

※ 真空パックのご要望がございましたら合わせて特記事項にご記入ください。
※ 重量変更、小分け、サイズ変更等は対応致しかねます。

About delivery fee

SG$100 以上お買上げで送料無料となります。
SG$100 未満お買上げの送料については、一律 SG$10 となります。