Our Commitmentニクイチのこだわり

At Nikuichi, we carefully select our wagyu beef from all over Japan
and make sure that the processing and delivery is consistent.


About NIKUICHIにくいちとは

In Singapore, you will normally only find high end beef in Japanese departmental stores or supermarkets. Nikuichi breaks that barrier and sells the same high end beef directly to our consumers at an affordable price allowing everyone to enjoy our beef.
Nikuichi also sells cuts of meat that are eaten on a daily basis by Japanese households such as a hamburger steak and meat potatoes.




Additional Challenges of Nikuichiにくいちがシンガポールに出来るまで

Nikuichi first participated in a Japanese departmental store event featuring Japanese food. We were then overwhelmed by our customer’s request to sell them our meat in small batches. In addition, there was only a fixed distribution of high-grade parts of meat in Singapore and nothing that meets the quality and affordability range for consumers. Thus we started the business in Singapore hoping to address this need in the market.




Purchasing Meatにくいちで購入することの魅力

We do not purchase our meat directly from the Japanese manufacturers; instead, we purchase directly from connoisseurs or farmers. Thus we are able to control the quality of meat consistently and therefore able to bring you the best meat at the best price.


Our thoughts私たちの想い

Provide meat selected carefully by professional to you.
Deliver real, safe, reliable and delicious Japanese beef to your table.


Thorough safety management安全管理の徹底

In our Singapore factory, where beef is processed, we practise careful hygiene management, which includes the disinfection process through wearing white clothes and hats.
Our company obtains a license from AVA and the agricultural animal and plant quarantine agency in Singapore and manages our factory and stock under the same standards as Japan.


Pursue tastiness美味しさを追求

Freshness is the life of beef. Especially for chilled meat, temperature control is the key to maintaining quality. We cut the meat purchased at the production area into blocks locally and transport it directly to the airport for delivery to Singapore. When it arrives in Singapore, the beef is processed and stored under strict control and delivered to homes in the best condition.



Thorough quality control

The process of delivering beef to the table食卓にお届けするまでのプロセス

  • 1. Purchase仕入

  • 2. Transport輸送

  • 3. Processing加工

  • 4. Sales販売

1.Purchase 仕入

Decisive factor of producing area産地の決め手

Our company mainly deals with "Wao", the brand beef from Kumamoto. Since beef is one of the varieties handled by JA Kumamoto, every farmer who raises "Wao" uses the fixed feed. Thus, it is possible always to provide beef with uniform and stable quality.



Go to the local place then purchase beef現地まで足を運んで仕入れる

We visit the farmers directly is to check the feed and pedigree with ourselves, but the fundamental reason is to build a good relationship with the farmer. Our company shares about the type of meat we like to sell to our consumers with the farmers. Building upon this relationship, our farmers deliver the best kind of meat to us to pass on to our consumers.



Buy beef by the unit of one beef1頭単位で買い付ける

Most of the beef on the Singapore market is sirloin. At our company, we purchase an entire cattle as we would like our consumers to experience various beef parts. Since the beef is sold to the general households, by buying one cattle, you can sell meat without any waste.
This means a reduction in cost in which the savings are passed on to our consumers.



Commitment when purchase meat仕入の際のこだわり

We only purchase and process the meat when our consumers make a purchase. We are committed to making sure that the meat has a deep colour instead of the light-coloured ones sold in the supermarket.



2.Transport 輸送

Purchasing the meat to cutting it into blocks, and airlifting it to Singapore takes about two days. It takes about a week from farm to distribution which is the same processing speed as Japan. Thus our consumers can rest assured that the quality of meat they are getting from us is the same as in Japan.



3.Processing 加工

Most of the beef on the market in Singapore is steak. It is not because steak is preferred. Instead, there is no technique to make finner cuts of meat. At Nikuichi, we not only sell steak meat, but we also sell slices of beef that are used for stir fry and simmering. We process our beef with trained Japanese butchers and machinery brought in from Japan. In addition, the meat for grilling is cut by hand according to the grain and marbling of the meat.



4.Sales 販売

We are now delivering beef from Japan once every week. By pre-ordering during our sales events, we can increase the turnover of products and provide fresh meat at all times. Of course, our goal is to eliminate waste and keep them fresh while reducing the cost of which the savings gets passed to our consumers.



Portion of meat and delicious method to eat meat


The meat of Japanese black beef has a fine texture and gloss. It is lean and smooth to the touch. In addition, the delicious fat penetrates between the lean meats and creates a delicate frost, which makes it soft and has a mellow taste that melts on the tongue when placed in the mouth. This flavour and softness is the greatest attraction of Japanese black beef, which is second to none.