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Our Commitmentニクイチのこだわり

NIKUICHI purchases whole uncompromising Japanese beef all over Japan,
and processes, cooks, and sells it consistently.


About NIKUICHIにくいちとは

High end brand beef is in a line in Japanese department stores and supermarkets currently in Singapore. NIKUICHI sells high-grade beef and also sells beef that is eaten on a daily basis in ordinary homes in Japan at an affordable price. Please also enjoy Japanese home cooking in Singapore.




Until the NIKUICHI can be on the market in Singaporeにくいちがシンガポールに出来るまで

NIKUICHI carried out the business that dealt with meat originally in Japan. When we participated in a department store event in Singapore, we were asked to offer meat in a small lot. Furthermore, there was no cheap beef but distribution of fixed high-class parts of beef at that time in Singapore. We started the business in Singapore to achieve all goals in Singapore.




Benefit of purchase in NIKUICHIにくいちで購入することの魅力

We do not purchase meat through Japanese manufacturers. Our company purchases, judges, imports and sells meat consistently without intermediate distribution, so we only purchase high quality meat with our own eyes. Therefore it is possible to provide high quality Japanese beef at a low cost.


Our thoughts私たちの想い

Provide meat selected carefully by professional to you.
Deliver real, safe, reliable and delicious Japanese beef to your table.


Thorough safety management安全管理の徹底

In the factory in Singapore where beef is processed, based on thorough hygiene management including disinfection process through wearing white clothes and hats, the company obtains a license for AVA and agricultural animal and plant quarantine agency in Singapore and manages factory and stock under the same standards with Japan.



Commitment to freshness鮮度へのこだわり

Most of the beef currently imported from Japan to Singapore is frozen. Speaking of high-grade meat, we are not sure that it is not high quality meat because it is thawed, imported, cut locally, frozen and sold. In our company, we can provide fresh beef without degrading quality because we ship beef by air in the chilled state from the producing area, then process and cook it.



Pursue tastiness美味しさを追求

Freshness is the crucial factor of beef. In particular, chilled meat is the key to maintaining the quality of temperature control, but we cut the meat bought in the producing area into blocks locally and carry it directly to the airport, then deliver it to Singapore. Beef delivered to Singapore is processed and stored, and delivered to home in top condition under thorough management.


Staff introductionスタッフ紹介

We are meat professionals. We make use of abundant experience cultivated locally and
deliver good quality products to customers with responsibility.

  • 松岡 功
  • 松岡 功Isao Matsuoka

He was born in Kakogawa, Hyogo. In 2005, he became the second president of Matsuoka foods Co., Ltd. He makes use of connoisseurship cultivated in Hyogo, the home of Japanese beef, acquires a rating license and plays an active role in the first line of purchase and sales. He is the most good at judging meat. He builds the large pipe and reliable relationship with farmers in Kyushu and Kumamoto, Kagoshima, and Miyazaki, which are major suppliers, and goes to purchase Japanese beef with his own feet and eyes. After that, in 2015, he established NIKUICHI. The shop focuses on selling good quality Japanese beef. We are looking forward to maintaining the quality of our products and selling them directly to our customers.

兵庫県加古川市出身。2005年、マツオカフーズ株式会社 2代目社長に就任。日本の牛肉の本場・兵庫県で培った鑑識眼を生かし 格付けのライセンスを取得し、仕入・販売の第一線で活躍。肉の目利きを最も得意としている。主な仕入先である熊本、鹿児島、宮崎など、九州の農家との太いパイプ、信頼関係を築いており、自らの足と目で国産牛を買い付けに赴く。その後、2015年ににくいちを設立。良質な国産和牛の販売に力を入れている。最後まで商品の品質をしっかり保ち、お客様に直接手渡しで販売することを楽しみにしています。

  • 藤江 昌昭
  • 藤江 昌昭Masaaki Fujie

He was born in Awaji, Hyogo. He has engaged in meat refining industry with 30 years career. He had been managing farms all over the country from Hokkaido in the north and Kagoshima in the south including Kobe Beef in Awaji, and he is professional on cattle feed and pedigree. He is also the leading expert in the meat refining industry who makes use of his extensive knowledge to purchase at the NIKUICHI. He is skilled in cutting technology and processes beef to avoid damaging the fibers of beef by carefully cutting them one by one.


Thorough quality control

The process of delivering beef to the table食卓にお届けするまでのプロセス

  • 1. Purchase仕入

  • 2. Transport輸送

  • 3. Processing加工

  • 4. Sales販売

1.Purchase 仕入

Decisive factor of producing area産地の決め手

Our company now mainly deals with “Wao”, the brand beef from Kumamoto. Because it is one of the varieties handled by JA Kumamoto, and since every farmer who raises “Wao” uses the fixed feed, it is possible to always provide beef with uniform and stable quality.



Go to the local place then purchase beef現地まで足を運んで仕入れる

The reason why we visit the farmer directly is to check the feed and pedigree with our own eyes, but the important reason is to get along well with the farmer. Our company talks about our thoughts on the meat we sell and inform thoughts of farmers to consumers then deliver the product of the meat to consumer. We think that it is one of roles we play.



Buy beef by the unit of one beef1頭単位で買い付ける

Most of the beef that is on the market in Singapore is sirloin. Our company purchases 1 head cattle because we want consumers to eat a lot of portions of beef. In addition, it is possible to sell meat they sell meat at a low price and low cost fully because we purchase 1 head cattle to sell meat to general households and restaurants with many designated portions.



Commitment when purchase meat仕入の際のこだわり

We produce meat, so consumers purchase meat as it is when we buy them. And because we make a commitment that there is taste in red meat in the beef, they're not the pale pink beef that looks like beef sold in supermarket, and they are deep-colored beef in red meat.



2.Transport 輸送

It takes about two days from buying it in the producing area, cut it into blocks, and then ships it by air to Singapore. It takes about one week between farmers, processing plant, airports, airports and processing plant in Singapore. This is almost the same speed as distribution in Japan. By maintaining this, we can maintain the quality of the meat.



3.Processing 加工

Most of the beef that is on the market in Singapore is steak meat. This is not because steak is preferred, but because there is no technology to cut steak thinly even though there is technology to cut steak thickly. Our purpose is to sell beef for daily eating such as stir fried dishes and boiled foods at home instead of steak meat, so they are processed only by people who trained in Japan with technology and machines brought from Japan. In addition, they cut meat by hand according to the purpose for grilled meat, marbling of meat.



4.Sales 販売

We are now delivering beef from Japan at a pace once every week. By making a reservation of sales events, we can increase the turnover of products and provide fresh beef at all times. Of course, our goal is to eliminate losses and keep them fresh. However, by preventing losses, we can reduce sales prices at a low price.



Portion of meat and delicious method to eat meat


The meat of Japanese black beef has fine and shiny texture, and it is well-rounded red meat with smooth texture. In addition, fat with good taste enters into the red meat densely and fine marbling, which makes it soft on the tongue when put into the mouth. It has a mild flavor. This flavor and softness are the greatest appeal of Japanese black beef and it is not inferior to any variety.



History of NIKUICHI

NIKUICHI was founded on May 14, 2015 to deliver true security, safety,
and good taste to the customer's table and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018.

History up to the establishment設立までの経緯

April 1968
establish Matsuoka Shop, which runs wholesale, retail and restaurant, in Shikata-cho, Kakogawa, Hyogo of the meat town
December 2006
Open “Yakiniku Yayakouan”, the group shop owned by Matsuoka foods Co., Ltd
マツオカフーズ株式会社のグループ店舗「焼肉茶屋 功庵」をオープン
April 2005
Masaru Matsuoka became the second president
December 2009
Open “Yakiniku Zanmai Minorian” as the sister shop of Yakiniku Yayakouan
焼肉茶屋 功庵の姉妹店舗として、「焼肉三昧 みのり庵」がオープン
May 2015
Establish corporation in Singapore
May 2018
the company celebrated its 50th anniversary and developed EC services fully

About Matsuoka Foods Co., Ltd.マツオカフーズ株式会社について

Company name
Matsuoka Foods Co., Ltd.
Yokooji 145-1, Shikatacho, Kakogawa, Hyogo 675-0332
〒675-0332 兵庫県加古川市志方町横大路145-1
Group shop
  • Yakiniku Yayakouan (Yahatacho, Kakogawa)
    焼肉茶屋 功庵 (加古川市八幡町)
  • Yakiniku Zanmai Minorian (Kamitoda, Nishiwaki)
    焼肉三昧 みのり庵 (西脇市上戸田)
  • The Yakinikuichiba Nikuryuu (Omura Miki)
    焼肉市場 肉りゅう (三木市大村)

The meat town of Shikata肉の街・志方とは


Shikata-cho is located in the northwestern of Kakogawa, Hyogo. Shikata is the popular region for meat refining industry and it is said the region is hard‐fought battle. It was in 1873 when the demand for meat by Japanese people started to increase after the first slaughter houses was built in Shikata. It has been 150 years since then best selected beef from all over the country to meat center of Kogogawa. There are many yakiniku restaurants and delicatessens in Shikata with good quality meat.